Board Members Looking Down Dais

Council Extends Benefit To Citizen Board Members

Released January 26, 2021 07:14 PM
In action taken during their January 25 meeting, the Alpharetta City Council unanimously approved the waiver of fees for members of the City’s boards and commissions to participate in programs run by the Alpharetta Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Services.  The waiver extends to the immediate family of the board and commission members.

The benefit is intended to express appreciation to the members of the City’s citizen boards and commissions and to help attract more citizens to serve on them.  Prior to the waiver extension, members received only a stipend of $50 per meeting of their respective board or commission in which they participate.

“We can’t say thank you enough to the people who volunteer their time to serve on these boards and commissions,” said Council Member Ben Burnett who co-sponsored the action with Council Member Dan Merkel.  “Tonight’s action by this City Council sends a clear message that we greatly appreciate what they do for this community and we value their work on behalf of all Alpharetta citizens.”

The City of Alpharetta operates ten boards and commissions comprised of citizen volunteers who are appointed to serve by the Mayor and City Council.  In all, 91 citizens serve on those bodies, dedicating countless hours to serving the community.