Transportation Resource Implementation Program

North Fulton is comprised of six municipalities including Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Roswell, and Sandy Springs, each of which has unique transportation needs. Together these municipalities form a subarea of Fulton County and the greater metropolitan Atlanta. North Fulton is a significant subarea within metro-Atlanta because over the past several decades, it has developed into a major employment center with some of the highest-paying jobs in the region. The area also has very high land values with a very attractive housing stock and public services. 

North Fulton is supported by an extensive transportation network composed of roadways, sidewalks, bike lanes, and access to the ninth largest transit system in the United States. Recognizing the need for strong cross-jurisdictional and multimodal planning and coordination, the cities of North Fulton joined together with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to sponsor the development of the North Fulton Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). This plan will assist local governments within the North Fulton subarea by clearly defining cross-jurisdictional goals, needs, and priorities. The information that comes out of this plan can be used by local governments to update their individual transportation plans which can then be used as input into the regional transportation planning process. While ARC typically completes needs assessments and transportation plans focusing on regional needs and solutions, a successful local transportation plan and program is also critical. One of the key results of the North Fulton CTP is a list of regionally significant cross-jurisdictional projects that the communities of North Fulton collectively support. These identified projects form the basis of future funding requests submitted to ARC and GDOT during Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) update cycles.

This report, the Transportation Resource Implementation Program (TRIP), is the summary document that concludes the development of the CTP. Th is document provides an overview
of the planning process, the resulting recommendations, and the necessary actions for ensuring ongoing implementation. Associated with this report are three other technical documents which provide more detailed information regarding the CTP development and final recommendations. The first report is the Existing Conditions Report (published January 2010), which provides a thorough overview of the existing transportation network in North Fulton. The second report, the Needs Assessment Report (published April 2010), builds on that foundation and focuses on assessing current and future transportation deficiencies in the area. The final report is the Recommendations Report (published October 2010), which provides a final list of prioritized transportation enhancement recommendations.