Parking Deck Discussion

In response to the increasing popularity of Downtown Alpharetta, the City is working to provide additional public parking to meet the needs of citizens, businesses, and visitors.  As part of that effort we plan to construct a new municipal parking deck located on the west side of Main Street.


Discussion on the location of the deck is now centered on two sites, noted as Site A and Site D in the image below.




The City continues to receive comments advocating for the deck to be located at each site, and we are appreciative of the love for Downtown Alpharetta that is being clearly communicated by those who are engaging in this conversation.  That our citizens and businesses are passionate about this community is just one of the things that make Alpharetta such a special place.

To help those who are participating in the conversation and those who have an opinion that has not yet been expressed, below you will find links to documents that reflect the current conceptual designs for a proposed deck as well as other materials that help to show the evolution of this discussion.

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Parking Deck Concepts - 10-03-2016PDF5.49 MB07 Oct, 2016 Download
Considered Locations For New Downtown Parking DeckPDF4.00 MB07 Oct, 2016 Download
Conceptual Site Layouts - 09-19-2016PDF2.79 MB07 Oct, 2016 Download
Cost Comparison Of Parking Deck Locations - 09-19-2016PDF16.55 KB07 Oct, 2016 Download