Union Hill Park Construction

Covered Arena at Union Hill Park Closed for Renovations

Released September 10, 2021 08:48 AM

The City of Alpharetta will close the current roller hockey rink and surrounding area at Union Hill Park on Monday, September 20. This space will be cleared of the flooring and walls and transformed into a programming space for multiple activities which the city is currently developing. Without any unforeseen circumstances, all work is scheduled to be completed by Thursday, September 30.


“We are very excited to be able to revision this underutilized space in Alpharetta so more residents and visitors can enjoy Union Hill Park,” said Morgan Rodgers, City of Alpharetta Director of Recreation, Parks & Cultural Services.


Union Hill Park is also home to the recently opened Big Creek Greenway extension which starts at Marconi Drive. The northern extension added approximately two additional miles to the multi-use trail. The Greenway is not affected by these renovations and this access point, along with the parking lot at Union Hill, will remain open.


The skateboard park at Union Hill Park, which was installed in 2020, will also be open and accessible during the renovations. The covered arena is the only element of Union Hill Park that will be impacted by this renovation.