Police Services

What We Do

Our primary responsibility may be law enforcement, but our approach and philosophy are based on the fundamental mission of enhancing the quality of life of everyone who lives, works, and plays in Alpharetta. Focusing on that mission means that we sometimes take non-traditional approaches to community policing, crime prevention, and working with the public. Yes, we do investigate crimes, make arrests, and write traffic tickets, but we work very hard to build strong relationships with the people we serve, educate the public, and address community issues so that less crime occurs and everyone enjoys a better life in Alpharetta.


That mission and how we approach policing has earned the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety amazing support from the community and enables us to attract the finest Police Officers who have chosen this profession to serve the public.

Who We Are


Our professional Police Officers and civilian support staff are united by their concern for those who live, work, and play in Alpharetta and are connected through our core values:


· Courageous Spirit

The risks of your job are real. Persevere in the face of adversity.


· Selfless Service

Put the welfare of the public and your team above your own. Add value to others.


· Excellence With Integrity

Do what is right and do it well.



While we operate several specialized units, all our sworn Officers are, first and foremost, Patrol Officers, the backbone of community policing. They then receive advanced training to prepare them to provide additional, specialized services. The Police Division is also comprised of non-sworn civilians who professional support services.

· Uniform Patrol

· Criminal Investigations

· K9

· Community Response Team
· Traffic Enforcement


· Motors

· Community Services

· Record Support Services

· Logistics



Candidates for employment are divided into two categories:


· Lateral Police Officers

2+ years of active Georgia Law Enforcement Experience and current for all GA POST annual requirements.


· Entry Level Officers

Non-certified candidates or less than 2 years of active Georgia Law Enforcement Experience. Non-certified candidates must complete the Police Academy and 6 months of field training before being allowed to function as an Alpharetta Police Officer.


Our selection process is comprised of the following:


· Pre-Selection Questionnaire

· City of Alpharetta Application and Background Packet

· Physical Performance Evaluation

· Written Test

· Oral Interview


For more information your recruiter may be contacted at: policerecruiter@alpharetta.ga.us


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