• Alpharetta City Government

The City of Alpharetta is governed by a mayor and six council members. The mayor is chosen by popular vote. Council members run for a specific post, but are elected by a city-wide vote. City of Alpharetta elects officials to serve for terms of four years and then until their respective successors are elected and qualified. Terms of office begin on January 2 immediately following the date of election to office. No council member elected and qualified for three consecutive terms shall be eligible for the succeeding term. No mayor elected and qualified for two consecutive terms shall be eligible for the succeeding term.


Elections are held every two years and are conducted by Fulton County Elections Division.


No person shall be eligible to serve unless that person shall have been a resident of the City of Alpharetta for six months prior to the date of the election, shall continue to reside in the City during the member's period of service and shall be registered and qualified to vote in municipal elections of the City.


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