911 Operations

What We Do


Our 911 division is staffed by highly trained Communication Officers who receive and evaluate calls from the public concerning crimes, fires, and medical emergencies. Specific duties include evaluating calls for proper action, initiating Police and/or Fire response by obtaining information required for dispatching field units, and entering data into a computer as it is being received.

Who We Are


The Alpharetta 911 Communications Center is one of only six emergency contact centers in the world to earn Tri-ACE Certification issued by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch, the highest distinction in emergency connection services. This signifies that Alpharetta’s 911 Center provides a uniformly high-level of quality in the disciplines of medical, fire, and police dispatch based on customer/patient care, deploying the right resources to a scene, and dispatching those resources very quickly with minimal errors.

Our professional Communications Officers are united by their concern for those who live, work, and play in Alpharetta and are connected through our core values:


· Courageous Spirit

The risks of your job are real. Persevere in the face of adversity.


· Selfless Service

Put the welfare of the public and your team above your own. Add value to others.


· Excellence With Integrity

Do what is right and do it well.



Our 911 Communications Officers comprise several focused teams:

· 911 Receiving

· Dispatch

· Emergency Medical Dispatch

· Emergency Fire Dispatch

· Emergency Police Dispatch

· Tactical Dispatch

· Quality Assurance

· Technology



Our selection process is comprised of the following:


· Pre-Selection Questionnaire

· City of Alpharetta Application and Background Packet

· Online Test

· Interview Panel

· Polygraph Examination

· Interview with the Director of Public Safety

For more information your recruiter may be contacted at: policerecruiter@alpharetta.ga.us


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