Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

The City of Alpharetta requires all businesses or individuals who wish to sell or offer for sale any alcoholic beverages to have an alcoholic beverage license. 

  Beginning, January 12, 2021, the Georgia Department of Revenue launched a new centralized alcohol licensing process to streamline the retail alcohol initial registration, renewal licensing process, and Alcohol Special Event Permits.  All new and returning applicants are required to use this online licensing portal.  This web-based secure portal ensures that both the Georgia Department of Revenue and the City of Alpharetta receive, review, and process all retail alcohol applications via the online portal.

New Applications
Alcohol License Renewals
Pouring Permits
Alcohol Ordinance


  • How long does it take to obtain an alcohol license?

  • Can I use an existing survey as part of my Alcohol Licensing Application?

  • Can we sell alcohol while we are in the process of approval?

  • Am I required to show up in person for the Alcohol License Public Hearing and City Council meeting?