City Administrator
  • City Administrator

    The Administration Department is made up of the City Administrator and his staff.


    The City Administrator carries out the policies and implements the goals established by the City Council in providing services to the citizens of the City in the most effective and economical manner.


    The Administration Department is responsible for the following:


    - Proper and efficient administration of all operations of the City except as otherwise provided by law

    - Facilitation of city administration and functions through coordination of the various city departments

    - Ensuring that the staff provides quality service and continuous improvement in processes

    - Supervisory responsibility over department directors

    - Coordination and communication with elected officials

    - Coordination with state and federal elected officials in effectuating positive legislation and funding programs in the City of Alpharetta

    - Ensuring that the ordinances, resolutions and regulations of the City Council and laws of the state, subject to enforcement by the City Administrator, are faithfully executed and enforced

    - Annual preparation of a proposed balanced operating budget, a capital budget and a capital improvements program for the City Council

    - Promoting positive human relations

    - Coordination of a community relations and public affairs program

    - Responding to citizen questions and concerns