Memorial / Tribute Program
  • The City of Alpharetta Parks and Recreation Department supports the Memorial/Tribute Program to allow groups and individuals to donate benches and bike racks to commemorate special events and honor individuals as memorials to loved ones. These tributes are placed on city-owned park land.


    Items purchased through the program are placed in city parks, trails, and playgrounds. Exact placement is at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department.


All donations within this program must complete a City of Alpharetta Memorial Program Application and comply with the Memorial Program Policy.



  • The exact location for the memorial/tribute will be decided by Park & Rec management and is based on the needs for each park, as well as a determination of the maximum number of amenities appropriate for each park.

  • All items are ordered by park staff through specific manufacturers to maintain consistency within our parks.

  • Installation is completed by City personnel or contractor at a time as not to interfere with park activities or facility maintenance.

  • Staff will contact donor when the item has been received and will be installed.




You may select from the following 2 benches. Prices below include the cost of the bench, plaque, freight and installation.
  • Park benches available in downtown areas and specific parks - $3,000
    • Black metal benches with a lifespan of 20 years
    • Order time is approximately 6 weeks (current lead-time is longer due to the pandemic)
  • Grey Greenway benches available only within the Alpharetta portion of the greenway - $2,000
    • Made of recycled plastic and have a lifespan of 20 years
    • Order time is approximately 10-12 weeks (current lead-time is longer due to the pandemic)


Each rack is made of steel and can hold up to 3 bikes. Price below includes the cost of the rack, plaque, freight and installation.

  • Black bike rack- $2,000 Colors may be considered for parks.
  • Please note there is limited places where bike racks can be installed
  • Lifespan of the rack is 20 years

Order lead time is approximately 5-6 weeks


The City of Alpharetta wishes to maintain the greenspace we have, therefore if you wish to dedicate a tree, we will select an existing tree based on your desired location and a memorial/tribute rock will be placed in front of the tree. The rocks are natural and will vary in size but approximately will measure 20"W x 25"L x 10" H.

No new trees will be added at this time.

  • Cost of the plaque, freight and installation - $600



  • For each donation, a memorial or tribute plaque will be placed on the bench, swing, bike rack or in front of the tree.  
  • The plaque will be included in the cost and there is a maximum of one plaque per tribute.
  • Inscriptions can be up to 4 Lines, 20 Characters per Line. All inscriptions must be approved by the City. Religious symbols and extraneous content is not permitted.
  • Park bench plaque measures 3”H x 10” W. Greenway bench plaque measures 5.5”H x 10”W. Swing plaques measure 9” round. Bike rack plaque measures 3”H x by 8”W.
  • Once the plaque is approved, the lead-time formanufacturing is 8-10 weeks (currently longer due to pandemic)



You may specify on your application your preferred location from the list below, and we will try to accommodate your wishes, however there is no guarantee your item will be placed there. The final location for the donation will be decided by the City, based on the needs. However, we will advise you of the final location before application is approved and payment processed.

  • PARKS – Wills Park, North Park, Webb Bridge

GREENWAY – Alpharetta portion

DOWNTOWN ALPHARETTA – Selected areas between Park Plaza to Canton Street



For further assistance, please reach out to Claire Thurber at 678 297 6048 or email

  • We will contact you upon receipt and your application will be processed in the order it was received.

  • You will be notified upon approval, an invoice will be provided, and payment can be made with check or credit card.