Financial Transparency Portal

The City of Alpharetta is committed to financial transparency. In this spirit, the City has developed the Financial Transparency Portal to give you, the Alpharetta stakeholder, a transparent view of how your funds are invested in the delivery of outstanding services that distinguish us as a Signature City of the region. From this landing page, you can access budget documents, financial reports, property tax rates, debt service obligations, sub-contractor utilization reports, as well as interact with financial data through our innovative Open Finances, Open Checkbook, and Project Dashboard functionality (see below).



This site provides you the opportunity to view, filter, and analyze revenue, expense, and balance sheet financial data for your City. You can analyze financial trends from 2010 to current from a micro point-of-view (e.g., salaries within the Fire Suppression Division of the Public Safety Department) to a macro point-of-view (e.g., total budget for the Public Safety Department). Also, you are not limited to viewing your City’s financial data online as you can download the data (e.g., in Excel) for offline analysis at a time and place that it is convenient for you.


This site provides you the opportunity to view, filter, and analyze every expenditure transaction from 2013 to current including such detail as vendor name, $ amount, transaction date, description, etc. It’s your money; you have a right to know how it’s spent.


City Projects
The purpose of this page is to put information on key road, park, and other City of Alpharetta infrastructure projects quickly and easily in the hands of our residents and corporate citizens whose tax dollars largely fund these projects.

Private Development
Businesses and other private property owners know that an investment in Alpharetta is one that is hard to beat.  Many of those investments come in the form of significant commercial, residential, or mixed-use projects that pique the interest of Alpharetta citizens.  Use our map-based tool to easily find out what new projects private developers are pursuing in our community.