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The mission of the City of Alpharetta Stormwater Management Program is to monitor, protect, and improve the quality of the water resources of the City through design, inspection, infrastructure maintenance, water quality monitoring, and public education.  Alpharetta is committed to managing a proactive stormwater program to improve the quality of runoff entering the storm system and receiving streams.

The stormwater program is regulated by the Clean Water Act under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and is administered by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division (EPD).  Alpharetta has been a leader in the implementation of its stormwater program under the Phase I Large Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) regulations. 

Public Works has been awarded state and national recognition for their stormwater and environmental programs and projects through the Georgia Association of Water Professionals, the American Water Resources Association, the Water Environment Federation, the Georgia Urban Forest Council, the Metropolitan District of North Georgia, the Georgia Association of Floodplain Management, Keep Georgia Beautiful, Storm Water Solutions Magazine, and Municipal Water & Sewer Magazine.

Public Works strives to provide Alpharetta residents, property owners, and businesses with the highest level of service possible.  Our goal is to exceed your customer service expectations. 


·Administers the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Municipal Separate Stormwater Systems (NPDES MS4) Permit and Program for compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act

·Administers the Floodplain Management Program for compliance with National Flood     Insurance Program (NFIP)

·Administers the Keep America Beautiful affiliate program (Alpharetta Natural Resources   Commission) and coordinates with the Clean Water Campaign

·Designs and manages stormwater capital improvement projects including new or replacement pipes, detention ponds, stream restoration, and stormwater runoff management facilities


·Inspects and maintains all publically owned stormwater facilities, pipes, and structures

·Maintains a GIS map of public stormwater infrastructure

·Manages riprap distribution program for residents

·Completes water quality testing in streams throughout the city

·Provides environmental education seminars, workshops, recycling events and opportunities,  and clean-up activities for residents, students, and businesses

·Administers Adopt-a-Stream and Adopt-a-Mile programs

·Oversees watershed planning, flooding hazard mitigation, and pollution prevention

·Complies with the regulations of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District

Reporting An Issue:
The City has partnered with a 3rd party provider,, to provide residents and businesses with an online method for reporting issues within the City. 

Residents and Businesses are invited to report drainage, maintenance, or flooding issues to the City through See Click Fix.  (


Permitting for Private Development is completed by the Community Development Department: 
Requirements can be found through this link. (