Office of the Mayor

The Mayor shall be the chief executive of this city. He shall possess all of the executive and administrative powers granted to the city under the constitution and laws of the State of Georgia, and all the executive and administrative powers contained in this charter.



As the chief executive of this city, the mayor shall:
  • See that all laws and ordinances of the city are faithfully executed;
  • Exercise supervision over all executive and administrative work of the city and provide for the coordination of administrative activities;
  • Submit to the city council at least once a year a statement covering the financial conditions of the city and from time to time, such other information as the city council may request;
  • Recommend to the city council such measures relative to the affairs of the city, improvement of the government, and promotion of the welfare of its inhabitants as he may deem expedient;
  • Call special meetings of the city council as provided for in section 2.18;
  • Approve or disapprove ordinances as provided in section 2.28;
  • Examine and audit all accounts of the city;
  • Require any department or agency of the city to submit written reports whenever he deems it expedient;
  • Perform other duties as may be required by general state law, this charter or ordinance;
  • Appoint councilmembers singularly or in committee to oversee and report on the functions of the various departments of the city;
  • Employ city personnel with the approval of a majority of the councilmembers including the mayor;
  • Terminate city personnel with the approval of a majority of the council members including the mayor.