Fire & Emergency Services
The City of Alpharetta Fire & Emergency Services is a proactive, customer-oriented emergency services provider. Our objective is to provide the best possible fire and emergency medical services. Our goal is to maximize the saving of lives, minimize the loss of property and avoid loss whenever possible through prevention and education.

  • Fire Prevention & Permits

    The goal of the Fire Inspection Division is to prevent fire deaths and injuries and to reduce fire losses through a program of building inspection, plan review, issuance of permits, development and interpretation of ordinances, public education and prosecution of violators.

  • Administration

    The Administrative Division consists of the Fire Chief and an Administrative Assistant. The tasks of the Administrative Division includes such things as budgeting, planning, personnel services and long-range forecasting. Other responsibilities include essential activities such as purchasing, building repair, accounting, specification writing, vehicle and equipment maintenance as well as facility design, construction and management.

  • Emergency Management

    The Office of Emergency Management functions to prepare for, mitigate and recover from any natural or man-made disasters. This is done through the identification of potential hazards such as local businesses with large stores of hazardous materials, classification of potential terror targets, and surveillance of any severe weather that might strike the area. The Office of Emergency Management compiles threat analysis data and provides an organized and systematic response for any disaster that may occur within the City of Alpharetta’s jurisdiction.


  • Suppression

    The Suppression Division of Alpharetta Fire responds to all 911 calls that involve fire events, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials, technical rescue or any other incident where public safety is threatened. In addition, this division also responds to non-emergency requests for public assistance, such as water leaks, fallen trees, trapped or endangered animals, etc. 

  • Special Ops

    The Special Ops unit is comprised of highly trained firefighters and police officers who are equipped to respond to and mitigate hazardous materials incidents and terrorist attacks, whether in the form of biological, radiological, chemical or explosive devices. The Hazardous Materials Team is capable of containing and confining a hazardous materials release of nearly any size, with the capacity to decontaminate 150 people per hour, all with equipment and personnel that is immediately available. 

  • Volunteer Programs

    Fire Corps is the volunteer program consisting of Reserve Firefighter, Volunteer Suppression Firefighter, Volunteer Support Firefighter, and Fire Corps Volunteers. The program supports all aspects of the department however primarily focuses on Fire and Emergency Services. Major programs include firefighting, fire ground support, emergency scene rehabilitation, victim assistance, special events, and the 24/7 staffing of the Light Air Rehabilitation Support vehicle.


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  • Public Safety Education

    The Alpharetta Fire Department Division of Fire Prevention believes that education is the key to prevention. The department manages this by assessing and prioritizing risks that have been identified, developing solutions and support systems for those risks and measuring the success of those solutions. The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety offers a Citizen’s Public Safety Academy, adult education and school programs.

  • Special Events Team

    The Special Events Team is a highly motivated and proactive team of EMTs and paramedics that have taken the traditional arena of emergency medical services, pulled it off the fire truck and made it extremely agile and flexible. Our goal as a team is to provide the highest level of care and a response time of less than 4 minutes. 

  • TOT Finder

    The City of Alpharetta Fire and Emergency Services, in a continuing effort to provide safety for our citizens, has introduced a program called TOT Finders. Free material can be picked up at any fire station for residents of the City of Alpharetta. The TOT Finder decals are for inside the home and assist firefighters in locating bedrooms of children, who are under 8 years of age. In the event of heavy smoke conditions, firefighters crawl along the floor to perform a search. When they come upon a room with the decal, light will reflect, drawing firefighters to the location. 

    Please contact the City of Alpharetta Fire Prevention Bureau for questions about this program or other fire safety concerns at 678-297-6272.

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