Construction & Inspections

The City of Alpharetta is still conducting business with many ongoing changes in an effort to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. Social distancing are actions that communities can take to reduce face-to-face contact, which may help reduce the spread of the disease. Therefore, in order to protect our team, as well as the public, we are implementing temporary “No-Contact” inspection protocols.

Temporary Inspection Protocols

  • * Answer questions about building codes, construction requirements and permit requirements

    * Review building plans for code compliance

    * Issue residential and commercial building permits, as well as heating/air-conditioning, electrical ,plumbing and low voltage permits (security systems, voice/data systems, etc.)
  • * Issue swimming pool permits
  • * Issue temporary use permits for construction trailers, Christmas tree lots, tent sales, etc
  • * Perform inspections to ensure code compliance
  • * Issue Certificates of Occupancy


All inspection requests shall be called in to the City Inspections Division at 678-297-6080, between the hours of 7:30am – 8:30am, on the same day that the inspection is desired.  

The City does not accept inspection requests at any other time. 

Callers will talk directly to inspectors, depending upon inspector work loads, AM or PM inspections may be arranged, but never guaranteed.

Residential Building Construction

Commercial Building Construction