Photo of bollards along Webb Bridge Road

Bollards Installed To Improve Safety By School Entrance

Released April 07, 2022 02:11 PM
To address safety concerns along Webb Bridge Road and with the full support of school leadership, the City of Alpharetta has installed a line of bollards near the entrance to Webb Bridge Middle School.  The measure has been taken to prevent vehicles from parking on the side of the road during school drop-off and pickup periods.

The issue of parents parking on the roadside along a curve just east of the school entrance has been a persistent one, and previous measures have proven ineffective in altering the behavior.  In past years the City has worked with the school to improve how the drop-off line is staged and flows within the campus so that parents were less likely to want to park on the shoulders of Webb Bridge Road.  The addition of “no parking” signs also proved ineffective.

Because of the on-going safety concern, leadership at Webb Bridge Middle School contacted the City to request additional measures and enforcement.  This led to police officers being posted near the school entrance to enforce the no parking zone.  Unfortunately, we cannot maintain a police presence there every day, and parents quickly returned to violating the no parking zone as soon as a police officer was not present.

While we would prefer that the installation of bollards was not necessary, the safety of the students and general public is our first concern, and we must take steps to stop the illegal and dangerous behavior of some parents.