North Point Site Plan Update - 9.9.2022 - Deferred - News

North Point Mall Redevelopment Hearing Deferred

Released September 18, 2022 08:07 PM
The public hearing for MP-22-03 / Z-22-05 / CU-22-02 / V-22-07 / North Point Mall Redevelopment has been deferred at the request of the applicant and will not be heard during the September 19 City Council Meeting.  The case has been rescheduled and placed on the November 7 agenda.

According to the applicant’s communication to the City, they will use this delay to allow time for the applicant to revise various calculations on their plan, such as the amount of open and civic space, based on changes to the plan made since the Planning Commission meeting.  They will also use this time to engage with the community with respect to the new plan.