Road Safety Action Plan News Graphic

Help Make Alpharetta's Roads Safer

Released March 31, 2023 05:35 PM
The City of Alpharetta is working to develop a new Road Safety Action Plan and is introducing two opportunities for the public to be part of this effort to improve everyone’s safety on our community’s streets and roads.

The planning process is designed to identify, analyze, and prioritize road safety improvements.  The planning process analyzes crash statistics, identifies emphasis areas, and describes projects, programs and policies with the greatest potential to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes and reduce crash rates on local roads.  In combination with emp:irical data, the involvement and input of the public is a critical element in the process.

In short, the purpose of a Road Safety Action Plan is to answer a simple question, how can we make Alpharetta’s roads safer.

So, how can you help in this process.

Online Survey:
The first opportunity for the public to be part of the planning process is through an online survey that is underway now.  The survey is comprised of four simple questions designed to help the City understand residents’ traffic safety concerns.

You can complete the survey now at

Community Charette:
The public is encouraged to participate in a community charette that will be held at Alpharetta City Hall from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM on Wednesday, April 19.  The City’s consultants and traffic engineers will guide participants through conversations that explain the project, explore areas of the community with high crash rates and high incidents of injuries from crashes, and focus on residents’ thoughts on the challenges and opportunities related to road safety in Alpharetta.