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Scammers Calling Alpharetta Residents

Released May 26, 2023 04:31 PM

In recent days, several residents have contacted the City inquiring about telephone calls they received from individuals claiming to be Alpharetta police officers and indicating that there is an outstanding warrant for the resident.  The caller then indicates that the warrant relates to unpaid fines or offers some other pretext and then says the matter can be resolved if the resident purchases and sends gift cards.


These calls are a fairly common scam, and it is making the rounds in our area, again.


As a reminder, City of Alpharetta Police Officers will NEVER ask for money over the phone, and gift cards are not accepted as a method of payment for citations or bail.


The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety encourages all residents to follow a few simple tips to protect yourselves from scam like this one:


  • End the call and contact the non-emergency line of our Department of Public Safety at 678-297-6300 ext. 1 or visit the department’s lobby at 2565 Old Milton Parkway.Department staff will be able to verify if you have any outstanding fines, warrants, etc.
  • Do not share any personal identifying information such as your date of birth or any type of financial information over the phone.
  • Do not purchase gift cards as a form of payment for fines, and do not provide credit card information to someone who calls you.