Kimball Bridge Project News Graphic 2

GDOT Contractors To Begin Pile-Driving For KBR Bridge

Released August 17, 2023 05:05 PM
Contractors building the new bridge over GA400 at Kimball Bridge Road will begin work on the structural support columns in the center median of GA400 in the coming days.  The contractor has notified the City that they plan to begin pile-driving activity August 18 or 21, depending upon weather and other factors.

A pile is a steel or concrete post that is driven into the ground to act as a leg or support for the new bridge. It is driven into the ground using a pile-driver. The pile-driver is a machine that acts similar to a hammer hitting a nail and drives the pile into the ground.

Those living or working near the crossing of Kimball Bridge Road over GA400 can expect to hear the rhythmic hammering from the pile-driving work during the process.

CW Matthews, the contractor doing the bridge replacement for the Georgia Department of Transportation, anticipates the pile-driving activity to take approximately six to ten days to complete.  The company currently plans to perform the work during the day but is prepared to shift pile-driving activities to the evening hours if safety or traffic delays on GA400 become an issue.

As part of its GA400 Express Lanes Project, GDOT is replacing the current bridge over the highway on Kimball Bridge Road.  When completed, the new bridge will allow for the new lanes being constructed on GA400 as part of the express lanes project.  For those traveling on Kimball Bridge Road, the new bridge will provide two vehicular travel lanes in each direction, a center median, wide sidewalks on both sides, improved lighting, and decorative elements.

For more information about the GA400 Express Lanes Project, please visit GDOT’s project page at