Encouraging Camera Registration News Graphic

City Encourages Residents And Businesses To Register Security Cameras

Released September 01, 2023 10:43 AM
There are a lot of privately owned video cameras lining the streets of Alpharetta, and they can be an invaluable resource for our police officers when a crime happens in our community.  That is why the City of Alpharetta is asking residents and businesses to register their security cameras, including home devices like Ring doorbells, with the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety so that we know where cameras are in relation to where a crime occurs.

Registering your camera with the City does not give us access to your live video feeds.  It simply allows us to map where cameras are in the community and know who to contact if one or more cameras are in the area where a crime has happened.  The owners of those cameras would then be contacted and asked if they would be willing to share video the cameras captured within a range of time within which the crime occurred.

Information from the camera registry is not shared with third parties and is accessible only by authorized personnel within the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety.

Registering your cameras is free, takes only a few minutes, and can be done by visiting https://alpharetta.fusus.org or by selecting the “Security Camera Registration” link found on the homepage of the City of Alpharetta website.  Camera owners also have the option of taking their involvement one step further by purchasing a device that integrates their live camera feed so that it can be accessed by our police officers during an emergency incident so that law enforcement has advanced information about what is occurring before they arrive on scene.

The City of Alpharetta launched this program in May 2020 under a contract with Fusus, a Georgia company focused on putting leading technology solutions in the hands of law enforcement and public safety professionals to improve safety, efficiency, and results for the communities they serve.  Since the program was launched, over 9,000 cameras have been registered or fully integrated in Alpharetta.