Pickleball Expansion - News Graphic

Pickleball Expansion At North Park Brings 3-Week Court Closure

Released October 16, 2023 10:15 AM

With over 48 million Americans (roughly 19% of the US population) indicating they played at least once in 2022, pickleball has now been the nation’s fastest-growing sport for 5 years in a row.  Alpharetta is no exception to the trend, and pickleball is spreading through our community faster than kudzu.

In response to the wildly growing demand, the City of Alpharetta is converting three tennis courts at North Park to modern pickleball courts, increasing the number of pickleball courts at the park to 12 from the current 6.  All of the courts at the park, including the two remaining tennis courts, are also being resurfaced.

The work begins October 16, and all courts will be closed while the work is underway.  The project is anticipated to take approximately three weeks to complete.

Tennis players are reminded that, in addition to the two remaining tennis courts at North Park, there are still six tennis courts at Wills Park and two at Webb Bridge Park for their enjoyment.