Leaves In Storm Drain News Item Graphic

Do Not Put Leaves And Debris Into Storm Drains ​

Released October 24, 2023 03:03 PM

It is hard not to love the vivid colors that come with Fall in North Georgia, but the mess all of those beautiful leaves bring to our yards is another story.  Every year we are left with the same question, “What to do with all those leaves?”

The City of Alpharetta is reminding residents that local ordinances prohibit the blowing or dumping of leaves and yard clippings into roadways, storm drains, or drainage ditches.  Putting your yard waste in these areas clogs drainage systems and causes flooding of streets and properties.  Aside from potential property damage, it can also create safety hazards for motorists and pedestrians and leads to increased costs for public services.

For those residents who utilize a landscape maintenance company, please remember that you are ultimately responsible for any leaves or yard trimmings that your landscaper blows into streets or storm drains.

Yard waste disposal is included in every Alpharetta resident’s garbage and recycling collection account.  So, residents are encouraged to collect and bag leaves and yard trimmings for pickup on your assigned trash and recycling service day.  Alternatively, some residents may want to consider composting their yard waste for use as mulch in natural areas.

For additional information on properly handling your yard trimming and waste, please contact the Alpharetta Department of Public Works at 678-297-6200.