City Inks Deal For New Waters Road Bridge

Released March 22, 2024 04:36 PM
The City of Alpharetta has entered into an agreement with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) for the replacement of the bridge over Long Indian Creek on Waters Road.  Under the terms of the agreement, the City will contribute $100,000 towards the project while GDOT will contribute $5.7 million.

While there are not currently any safety issues related to the bridge, it is aging and the goal is to replace it before the weight-bearing capacity of the bridge begins to diminish.

The replacement of the Waters Road Bridge is more complex and carries additional expense compared to other recent bridge projects because of the need to construct a temporary bridge so that Waters Road remains open to vehicular traffic throughout the project.  The temporary bridge will be constructed to the south and opened before the existing bridge is demolished and construction on the permanent bridge begins.

When completed, the new Waters Road Bridge will include 5-foot sidewalks on both sides and a 5-foot separation between the sidewalks and the vehicular travel lanes.  The bridge will also be several feet higher than the current one, which will reduce the steepness of Waters Road.

A construction schedule for the project has not yet been set.