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Be Aware Of Coyotes In Alpharetta

Released April 10, 2024 03:08 PM

Spring has arrived, and that means Alpharetta residents are more likely to see coyotes near wooded areas and even in neighborhoods and backyards.  The animals, which are generally shy and pose little danger to people, are having pups this time of year and are on the prowl for food.

It may come as a surprise to some Alpharetta residents that coyotes are a common sight around the community and can be found throughout Metro Atlanta.  The animals are extremely adaptable and can thrive in almost any environment; provided there is food, water, and shelter to be found.  With numerous wooded areas and streams in the area, Alpharetta is a perfect habitat for coyotes.

While the animals are typically not a threat to people, it is important that residents not encourage interaction with the animals and that steps are taken to not provide coyotes with food sources.  Coyotes are animals of opportunity, so they will forage through garbage, eat pet food left outside, and will attack small pets that are left unattended; even within fenced yards.  Coyotes are amazingly intelligent and can easily find ways to get inside fenced areas if they see potential food or other reasons to get inside.
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Because coyotes are seldom a threat to human safety, the City of Alpharetta does not support or endorse coyote eradication programs and discourages residents from hiring professional trappers unless an animal has been observed to appear aggressive.  Such measures do not have a lasting effect, as other coyotes will soon move into the area seeking the same food, water, and shelter that attracted any who may be removed.

Coyotes are a natural part of our environment and serve a very useful purpose, controlling the population of small animals and maintaining a balance in their habitat.  The best thing that we can do as residents is learn to safely coexist by not encouraging human interaction and enjoying the occasional coyote sighting from a safe distance.