Photo montage showing 911 dispatcher, firefighter, and police officer

Department Of Public Safety Releases Annual Report

Released June 28, 2024 01:17 PM
The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety has released its first annual report.  Designed to give citizens a look inside the department's activities over the past year, the report features information on important programs and initiatives, emergency call volumes, and more.  It covers all aspects of public safety operations from 911 Communications to Fire and Police services.

The Department of Public Safety is the most visible of our operations (it really is hard not to see those fire trucks and police patrol vehicles around town) and the largest of our nine departments, accounting for approximately 32% of the City’s annual operating expenses.  Of our roughly 470 employees, a little more than half work in the Department of Public Safety.

Alpharetta consistently ranks among the safest cities in Georgia and nationally.  That is a pretty good testament to the caliber of work being done by the men and women of our Department of Public Safety.  We hope you will take a few moments to read the department’s 2024 annual report to learn a little about how they make it happen.

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