Dispose Of Yard Waste - News Graphic

A Reminder About Yard Waste

Released March 08, 2023 05:58 PM
As Spring draws ever closer, many residents have begun preparing their lawns and gardens by clearing old mulch and pruning trees and shrubs.  That makes this a good time to remind everyone how to properly dispose of yard waste.

Yard trimmings should be containerized in either paper lawn bags or 35-gallion trash cans or containers.  Each residence is allowed a maximum of ten (10) paper lawn bags or five (5) 35-gallon containers per week.

Tree limbs can be no larger than 6 inches in diameter and must be cut into lengths of no more than 3 feet.  The limbs must then be tied into bundles, and each residence is allowed a maximum of ten (10) bundles each week.

Residents are reminded to place your yard waste at the curb before 7:00 AM on your normal waste and recycling service day.  Please note, however, that yard waste that is not containerized or bundled as described above will not be collected.