People wearing hard hats and holding shovels

Construction Begins On Webb Bridge Road Improvements

Released March 13, 2023 07:03 PM
City of Alpharetta elected officials and staff gathered in the early morning chill on March 13 to break ground on two phases of the five-phase Webb Bridge Road Improvement Project.  The work that began today will be highlighted by the replacement of the bridge over Big Creek and construction of a new roundabout at the road’s intersection with Webb Bridge Way.

The overall project stretches from Webb Bridge Way westward to Morris Road but is divided into five segments:

• Phase 1: Extending the Culvert/Tunnel and access to Big Creek Greenway from Webb Bridge Road

• Phase 2: Webb Bridge Park to Maid Marion Close including a roundabout at Webb Bridge Way

• Phase 3: Maid Marion Way to the Big Creek Greenway

• Phase 4: Big Creek Greenway to North Point Parkway

• Phase 5: North Point Parkway to Morris Road

The March 13 groundbreaking ceremony celebrated the beginning of construction for Phases 2 and 4.  Phase 2 includes construction of the new roundabout and is anticipated to be completed in approximately 18 months.  Construction of the Phase 4 segment will require approximately 30 months to complete because the project includes the replacement of the bridge over Big Creek, making it necessary for the project to be staged so that Webb Bridge Road can remain open during construction.

The project is designed to advance Webb Bridge Road’s role as a residential collector corridor through a design that reduces vehicular speeds and elevates operational safety while also providing enhanced pedestrian, bicycle, and landscape amenities.  It will narrow the width of the travel lanes on Webb Bridge Road to 10.5 feet, which will allow for a reduction in the speed limit and allow for the addition of multi-use paths, bike lanes, landscaped medians, pedestrian lighting, and other amenities.

Work on the Webb Bridge Road Improvement Project began in 2016 with a series of public input sessions and design charrettes through which residents, especially those living along the corridor, guided development of the initial design concepts.  Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2021, and the City anticipates bidding construction of the Phase 3 segment during the second quarter of 2023.  A schedule has not been established for Phase 5, which will be influenced by the Georgia Department of Transportation’s anticipated replacement of the bridge over Georgia 400.

To learn more about the Webb Bridge Road Improvement Project and other infrastructure and parks projects currently being worked by the City of Alpharetta, please visit the City Projects page of this website.