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Black Bear Sighted In Western Alpharetta

Released July 27, 2023 02:56 PM
The City of Alpharetta has received several reports from residents on the west side of Alpharetta of a black bear in the area.  The most recent reports have come from the areas of Mayfield Road at Freemanville Road, Lunsford Circle, and Mid Broadwell Road near Charlotte Drive.

For those new to Alpharetta, it may come as a surprise that our community is visited by one or two bears around this time each year.  These are typically young animals who have become old enough to find a territory of their own, and the creeks, streams, and web of wooded areas that lace Alpharetta and surrounding communities are inviting passages as they seek new habitat.

The animals are unlikely to be a threat to anyone unless people approach or provoke them, so please don’t be that person who tries to take a selfie with a bear or get an up-close video.  We do, however, recommend that you make noise while walking on the Greenway or in wooded areas so any bear that may be in the area knows you are coming and has time to leave.  Also, bears are like college students home for the summer, anything that could be food draws them in, so:

   • Never feed bears
   • Remove bird feeders from around your home for a few weeks
   • Do not leave pet food outside
   • Clean your grill after each use
   • Secure your garbage and recycling containers

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