Stop For School Buses News Graphic

A Reminder On Road Rules And Stopped School Buses

Released July 31, 2023 09:54 AM
Students in Fulton County Schools return to the classroom next Monday, August 7, and that means those big yellow buses will be back on area roads. With other nearby school districts returning to the classroom this week, it makes today a good opportunity to remind everyone about the law on stopping for stopped school buses.

On two-lane and multi-lane roads without a raised or planted center median, all vehicles must stop for a stopped school bus, regardless of the direction of travel.  On roads that have a raised or planted center median, all vehicles traveling in the same direction that are behind or next to the bus must come to a complete stop while vehicles on the opposite side of the median traveling in the opposite direction of the bus my proceed with caution.  For illustrations, please see the graphic below.

There is no excuse for driving around a school bus when it is stopped with its red flashers and stop sign activated. And, when you see a school bus with its yellow lights activated, slow down and prepare to stop.

Do what’s right when you see the flashing lights of a school bus so you help keep Alpharetta’s students safe . . . and so you do not see the blue lights of our police officers in your rearview mirror.
Graphic showing when to stop for school buses on regular and divided roads