Town Green Wall News Graphic

Why Is There Fence On The Town Green?

Released August 28, 2023 03:30 PM

You may have noticed that a chain-link fence has been erected along the west end of the Town Green in Downtown Alpharetta.  The fence is a temporary construction fence to protect the public from activity related to the construction of a series of three seating walls, each 3-feet in height) that will also act as a safety barrier helping to better separate the Town Green from vehicles traveling along Main Street.


The Town Green is a very popular gathering and event space, but it is also heavily used by young children for play.  Often, that play involves running and chasing one another, balls, or other toys.  The walls will help ensure that a child focused on chasing a toy does not chase it into the street.


By using three walls in a staggered formation, pedestrians will be able to pass between the walls to access the pedestrian crossing at the existing HAWK signal.  The design also visually breaks the design so that it is not one long wall.


Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of the first week in October.