Electronics, Document Shredding, Plastics & Styrofoam Recycling Event March 23rd

Released February 29, 2024 08:00 AM

Come support the City of Alpharetta and the Alpharetta Natural Resources Commission (NRC) for community recycling collections on Saturday, March 23, 2024. The collections will be at Alpharetta’s Public Works Department, 1790 Hembree Road, Alpharetta, Georgia from 8:30am to Noon. North Fulton businesses and residents will be able to recycle electronics, documents for shredding, plastic film, and packaging Styrofoam®.


Alpharetta has teamed up with Atlanta Recycling Solutions to collect electronics for recycling. The event is designed to give residents and businesses the opportunity to properly recycle and safely dispose of unwanted electronics. Atlanta Recycling Solutions recycles everything they accept.

Please see the attached list of acceptable items that are free of charge. Please note that there will be cash charge for:

  • Acceptable televisions $30.00 each
  • CRT Devices              $30.00 each

Items Accepted-Electronics Recycling

No console units, projection TVs, or TV tubes are accepted. (Please note that ARS is only able to accept cash for these items.) We request that businesses with a large amount of electronics to recycle contact Atlanta Recycling Solutions directly at (678) 566-6665 to discuss pick up options.



This shredding and recycling collection will offer residents and small businesses the opportunity to safely discard confidential documents using a mobile, on-site shredding truck. Residents can have comfort knowing that the shredded materials will be recycled into new paper without risk of their confidential information falling into the wrong hands. There’s no need to remove the staples, paper clips, rubber bands and sticky notes from your files. Please do remove any larger binders or metal items. No Hard drives! There is a strict five boxes limit per household/business.  NOTE: Should the truck fill before noon this collection will end.


The Alpharetta Natural Resources Commission is requesting that participants enhance this act of “giving back” by bringing a canned food item per box brought for shredding.  All collected food items will be dispersed to neighbors through the North Fulton Community Charities Food Bank. Participants are asked to remain in their vehicle. We will unload for you.



Plastics and Styrofoam®

We have added plastic film and Styrofoam® as acceptable items for this collection. Clean and dry plastic film and clean white colored packaging Styrofoam®, free of any tape, will be accepted. Colored Styrofoam®, packing peanuts or takeout food containers will not be accepted.  

 Please continue to recycle #1 and #2 plastics in your curbside recycling bin.


Glass Bottles

The Alpharetta Public Works Department has a permanent glass recycling drop-off in the front parking lot. It is important to note that only clean glass beverage and food containers can be dropped off at the 1790 Hembree Road location. 

Glass Bottle Recycling



For more information about this event please contact Terry Porter at or (678) 297-6213.