Downtown Parking

Downtown Alpharetta has become one of our community’s most popular destinations.  With a growing collection of unique restaurants and shops, cool office spaces, and numerous special events, Downtown is truly the heart of Alpharetta that attracts residents and visitors alike.

In response to the increasing popularity of Downtown Alpharetta, the City is working to provide additional public parking to meet the needs of citizens, businesses, and visitors.  As part of that effort we are adding temporary parking areas, constructing two new municipal parking decks, and entering into agreements with private property owners for public use of their parking areas during certain periods.

Current Downtown Parking Areas

The City operates one parking structure and two permanent surface parking lots in Downtown Alpharetta; providing a total of 611 free public parking spaces.  We also operate two temporary parking areas (designated as T1 and T2 in the map below) that offer another 108 spaces.

In April of 2017 we entered into an agreement with Alpharetta United Methodist Church that opened one of their parking areas for public use Monday thru Friday.  That arrangement opens another 120 parking spaces for public use.


Parking Deck Locations


In 2014 the City opened Downtown Alpharetta’s first public parking structure; adding 450 new free parking spaces to the area.  We will soon begin construction on two more parking decks offering free parking to the public.  In combination, these three parking structures represent a total of just over 800 parking spaces the City has added to meet the growing needs of Downtown Alpharetta.

Parking Deck Locations

P1: City Center

Opened in December 2014, the municipal parking deck at City Center provides 450 free public parking spaces.  Conveniently located near City Hall, the Alpharetta – Fulton County Public Library, and Brooke Park, this parking structure will also serve businesses and those visiting the new restaurants and shops of Alpharetta City Center and the rest of Downtown.


P2: Milton Avenue

Construction on our Milton Avenue parking deck is anticipated to begin in Fall 2018, making the three-level structure and its 187 free parking spaces available to the public in 2019.  The site was acquired by the City in 2016 and is currently the location of a vacant retail strip center that will soon be demolished.


P3: Old Roswell Street

In February 2017 City Council designated this site as a future parking deck location and stipulated that no activity on the project would commence until the P2: Milton Avenue parking structure was completed and operational.  Thus, design of a structure at this location has not yet begun.  As envisioned, the parking deck would feature 165 spaces that would largely be at or below street grade so that the upper level of the deck can be closed to parking and used as a public gathering space during special events.