History of North Point LCI

In 2008 the City of Alpharetta embarked on a planning project designed to create a future vision for the North Point Activity Center.  The focus of that effort was on improving pedestrian connectivity and making better use of land that was currently occupied by large parking lots that were designed for peak Holiday shopping season.  Our hope was to get ahead of the coming tide of competition from mixed-use developments that were not yet on the horizon, experiential lifestyle centers such as Avalon.


Unfortunately; at a time when North Point Mall was attracting new and exciting tenants, when the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater was just opening, and residential development was beginning to occur; few residents and property owners saw a need for a new vision.


Still, the planning effort forged ahead, and the first North Point Livable Center Initiative was born.  While the plan has had some influence on development within the district, however, its largest impact has been seen in pedestrian enhancements along Encore Parkway and a new bridge over Georgia 400.


The true potential of the North Point Activity Center has yet to be realized.


2008 Plan Documents