Sign Permits

The City of Alpharetta has put in place an allowance for a banner per restaurant business offering take out from now until March 31st.  The banner is restricted to businesses that are offering take out and the banner should state such in order to discourage groups from gathering in restaurants. The size restriction remains the same 24sqft max and 10 foot setback from the right of way.  This will not impact those businesses that have already used their 1 banner per year allowed.  No permit is required but you must send an email to stating that you will be placing a banner and understand that the deadline is March 31st.  The City may review this date as we approach the deadline to possibly extend the date.

All signs in the City of Alpharetta are required to meet the established City Sign Ordinance and any signage over 4 square feet requires a permit. 


Sign applications may be submitted in person at 2 Park Plaza, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009, by mail or by email at

Banner permits are issued while you wait if all requirements have been met.

** Note that an updated Sign Permit Application is below. **


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