Emergency / Storm Tree Removal
Emergency and Storm Damaged tree removals will be handled on a case-by-case basis. These removals constitute a tree that is in imminent danger of falling or after a severe storm that has caused trees to topple or break. 

Prior to any emergency or storm damage removals please provide the City Arborist with an email to treepermits@alpharetta.ga.us containing the following information. 

• Address where the tree is located
• Name of property owner
• Name of tree removal company
• Reason for removal
• Date of proposed removal
• Photographs of the tree showing the trees and any defects

You will not need to submit a tree removal permit application and you may or may not receive any official notification or permission from the City of Alpharetta.

If you do not have access to email, please take photographs for your records and call 678-297-6229 to let the City know that you are removing a hazardous tree. 

Removal of trees without providing the required documentation of a hazardous or storm damaged tree or trees may result in a violation of the tree protection ordinance.

All other non-storm-damaged trees located on your property will require a tree removal permit submitted through the normal process.

Please contact the City Arborist with additional questions regarding tree removal or tree care at 678-297-6229 or treepermits@alpharetta.ga.us.