Residential Tree Removal
A Tree Removal Permit Application must be submitted to the City of Alpharetta and approved prior to the removal of any tree that is alive from single family residential properties within the City limits. 

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In certain cases trees that are removed may need to be replaced on site to comply with zoning requirements as well as to maintain the minimum tree density requirements for residential properties. 

Removal of trees within common areas of residential neighborhoods, such as clubhouses, tennis courts, pools, neighborhood entrances, etc., will be treated as commercial properties. Please see the Commercial Tree Removal Requirements.

Prior to submitting for a tree removal permit please make sure to have the following information in front of you. 

• Address where the tree is located (required)
• Name of property owner (required)
• Name of tree removal company (optional but preferred)
• List of trees including type and size (required)
• Location of tree and reason for removal (required)
• Diagram and photographs of the property showing the tree(s) and their locations (required)
• Arborist assessment for any Specimen size tree (required). 
• Additional plantings may be required if a specimen size tree is approved for removal.

Tree Removal Permit Application Instructions

Prior to the removal of dead trees it is recommended to provide the following information to the City Arborist by email

• Address where the tree is located
• Name of property owner
• Name of tree removal company
• Reason for removal
• Date of proposed removal
• Photograph showing the tree is actually dead

Please see the Arborist Guidance Document for individual lot density requirements and other information. 

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Please contact the City Arborist with additional questions regarding tree removal or tree care at 678-297-6229 or