If you would like more information about trees, tree preservation, planting, care, tree events, and Tree City USA, go to:

GA Urban Forestry Council:
National Arbor Day Foundation:


If you would like more information about our state Keep Georgia Beautiful or national Keep America Beautiful events and programs, go to:

Keep Georgia Beautiful:
Keep America Beautiful:

If you would like more information about where and how to recycle various items other than through Alpharetta's curbside pick-up and special recycling collections, go to:

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Native Plants In Georgia

Georgia Native Plant Society:
Where to buy:

Gardening For Wildlife



Below are links to a series of 7 very short habitat certification videos posted by the NWF on YouTube:

1. Why Garden for Wildlife? 
2. Providing Food
3. Water 
4. Shelter/Cover
5. Places To Raise Young
6. Sustainable Practices
7. Certifying Your Yard
8. Why Tree Topping Is Bad