Budget Documents

Fiscal Year 2025 Budget and Millage Rate Meetings

As set forth under Georgia law and the City Code, citizen input was solicited during the process of adopting the fiscal year 2025 budget and millage rate levy though publicly advertised meetings as set forth below. 


May 20, 2024           City Council Meeting (FY 2025 Budget Workshop) - HELD


June 3, 2024             1st Public Hearing & Council Meeting (FY 2025 Budget; 6:30 p.m.) HELD

                                  1st Reading of Budget Ordinance                            
                                  1st Reading of Millage Rate Ordinance


June 24, 2024          2nd Public Hearing (FY 2025 Budget; 11:30 a.m.) - HELD


June 24, 2024          3rd Public Hearing and City Council Meeting (FY 2025 Budget; 6:30 p.m.) - HELD
                                 2nd Reading of Budget Ordinance                            
                                 2nd Reading of Millage Rate Ordinance


Operating and Capital Budget 


The Operating and Capital Budget provides our elected officials, citizenry, and stakeholders with a complete, clear, and understandable budget narrative that facilitates the transparency of our budgeting and financial processes. Historical trend and Fiscal Year 2025 Budget information can be found HERE. Fiscal Year 2025 line-item budget detail can be found HERE