iCan Bike Camp Alpharetta

June 24-28, 2024

Camp Location: Union Hill Park

1590 Little Pine Trail Alpharetta, GA 30005

This is it, the summer you have been waiting for. Your special needs child, friend, family member, or acquaintance can learn how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle without the need for adaptive devices in just one week.

iCan Bike Alpharetta is a part of the iCan Shine family of programs. Every year members of the Alpharetta Police, Recreation & Parks, and other departments work together to bring this wonderful program to Alpharetta. We spend one week out of every summer teaching 40 special needs individuals how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle without the need for adaptive devices.

iCan Shine provides quality learning opportunities in recreational activities for individuals with disabilities. By creating an environment where each person is empowered to maximize their individual abilities, everyone can shine!

Requirements for Participation (Riders must meet all the below criteria):

· Minimum age 8 years old

· Able to sidestep to both sides

· Have a disability

· Able to attend camp all 5 days

· Able to walk without assistive device

· Maximum weight 220 lbs

· Willing and able to wear a properly fitted bike helmet

· Minimum inseam of 20" (measure from floor while rider is wearing sneakers)

· One parent must be able to attend orientation on Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 3pm (time may change) at Alpharetta Community Center, 175 Roswell Street, Alpharetta, GA 30009

· Riders are expected to bring their own helmet during the entire camp

· Riders must bring their own bike from home by Wednesday of camp

How to register a Rider for iCan Bike:

1. Complete the application at https://www.icanbikealpharetta.org/. Applications will be reviewed and those that get a spot in the camp will be provided the link to pay for camp. Applications are open on March 1, 2024.

2. Pay your camp fee here. You will need to create an account and make the payment https://anc.apm.activecommunities.com/alpharetta/activity/search/detail/64288?onlineSiteId=0&from_original_cui=true

Please Note: You must complete the application for iCan Bike at https://icanshine.org/alpharetta-ga/

Can you insert the Rider/Parent Orientation Video Dropping-off riders at the program is not permitted. A parent, legal guardian or other adult authorized to take responsibility for the rider (e.g. another parent) must remain on site for duration of each day's 75-minute program.

WHAT DO I DO AFTER I REGISTER? Get ready for orientation day! When: Sunday June 23rd 2024 at 3:00pm or watch the corresponding YouTube video above(Watching the video does not exempt you from attending orientation- see 'Who' below.) Where: Alpharetta Community Center, 175 Roswell Street, Alpharetta, GA 30009 Who: All first time volunteers must attend Orientation, and at least one parent of every camper. Please do not bring campers to Orientation Day.

Riders Need a Bike

All riders must have an appropriate personal bike brought to camp and available for use in the iCan Bike program by no later than Thursday (Day #4). Our goal is to transition all riders to their personal bike towards the latter part of the iCan Bike program such that they are comfortable with the bike they will be riding at home after day #5.

Also, to retain and sharpen their newly learned bike riding skill, it is very important that each rider spend at least 15 minutes bike riding each of the three days immediately following camp. Research shows that for each of the three days immediately following camp that a rider does not ride at least 15 minutes, the chances of losing this valuable skill increases by approximately 10%.

Be Part of the FUN by Volunteering

We need volunteers! We simply cannot run an event of this size without hundreds of volunteers. Volunteering with iCan Bike Alpharetta is unlike any other volunteer opportunity out there- we promise. Volunteer for the entire week, or a single 75 minute session; either way you are making a difference that lasts a lifetime and you can't beat that. Sign up today to find out! We promise an unforgettable experience. Link to the ican shine site https://icanshine.org/alpharetta-ga/

If you have a question please email us at: Lindsey Pritchard - lpritchard@alpharetta.ga.us Officers Elfreth - aelfreth@alpharetta.ga.us

Questions & Answers

When is camp?
Camp will be held June 24-28, 2024 at Union Hill Park in Alpharetta, Ga. ; with a mandatory parent meeting on Sunday the day before camp starts at 3:00pm (time is subject to change) at the Alpharetta Community Center. A camper MUST be able to attend all five days of our camp in order attend camp. If you cannot attend all five days please let Officer Elfreth or Lindsey Pritchard know ASAP.

Here is the camp schedule everyday:
Session #1 8:30-9:45am
Session #2: 10:05am-11:20am
Session #3: 11:40am-12:55pm
Session #4: 2:00pm-3:15pm
session #5: 3:35pm-4:50pm

What age must a camper be?
Campers must be at least eight years old at the start of camp, there is no upper age limit, but there is a weight limit of 220lbs and a minimum inseam of 20" while wearing sneakers. 

What do I bring to camp?
A bicycle (by the fourth day of camp at the latest), properly fitting helmet, water bottle with water.
Check out this link to find the right bike and helmet for your rider: https://icanshine.org/wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/2019/07/Selecting-the-Right-Bike-and-Helmet-2020.pdf

How much does the camp cost per camper?
$200/ camper.

What are your camp's COVID policies? 
1. Masks are worn at the discretion of the individual rider or volunteer. 
2. We do not require COVID-19 vaccinations or testing to participate in our bike program
3. We will not have bike helmets available for riders to borrow in the event they forget to bring
their personal helmet. Riders must have a properly fitted bicycle helmet to participate at camp.
4. Before each daily 75-minute camp session, handlebars, hand grips, brake levers, training handle
grips and seats of bikes will be cleaned using disinfectant wipes/spray
5. Before each daily 75-minute camp session, everyone partaking in camp will be requested to wash
their hands (parents and caregivers will be strongly encouraged to do so as well)
6. Hosts will provide hand sanitizer at the camp check-in desk
7. We encourage only one (1) parent/guardian per rider attend camp each day to limit the number
of people in the facility
8. Anyone at camp that feels ill, has a fever, or has any other common COVID-19 symptoms will be
advised to not attend camp, in the absence of a negative COVID-19 test result
9. We will run our typical in-person Sunday Orientation and highly encourage all parents and
volunteers to attend (an electronic pre-recorded orientation option is available to people unable
to attend the in-person orientation)
10. If anyone attending bike camp tests positive for COVID-19 during the week of camp, Camp Hosts
will: 1) inform those who came in contact with the individual (while maintaining confidentiality as
required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)); and 2) determine the extent to which any
limitations/changes need to be implemented with regards to conducting the remainder of camp.
11. There will be no refunds of rider fees due to illness. 

How much does iCan Bike cost you (the host)?
What a great question! We have to write a check to the iCan Shine organization for $11,500.00 just to get them to hold our camp date and bring their fleet of special bikes and two staff members to Alpharetta. Then, as the host we are also responsible for all other costs such as providing the hotel room for the two staff members for a week (approx. $2,500.00), buying camp t-shirts (approx. $1,200.00), purchasing the trophies (approx. $700.00), Providing lunches for the volunteers, providing snacks and water for the volunteers, and also securing the space for the camp itself and paying for any and all advertising and materials costs. As you can see, the cost for camp quickly adds up!
Hypothetically, if every rider (we can only hold 40) paid the full camp price of $200.00 – that STILL does not mean that we have raised enough funds to cover our bill to iCan Shine. The actual cost per rider is actually more in the $400/rider range.
If you would like to make a donation to the Alpharetta camp to help cover these costs please click here: https://icanshine.org/make-donation/
and click the “fund a specific camp” button then fill in the Alpharetta Camp when prompted. Donations go towards helping riders attend camp who may not be able to afford it.
Can I volunteer with camp?
absolutely! We thought you would never ask! Register to volunteer here: https://forms.gle/bGuCiEDMLKUFhfaWA

If I volunteer do I have to come all 5 days?
Nope! Volunteer as much or as little as you want to, the application lets you specifically select the days and times you volunteer. 
What about scholarships?
Scholarships are offered, but are entirely based upon donations and are NEVER  Guaranteed from year to year. If you apply for a scholarship you cannot also pay for a space in camp and wait to see if you get offered a scholarship- you must choose what is best for your situation. Scholarship riders are often the last riders to get spaces in our camp because we rely on donations to fund those spaces. Some years we have several scholarship opportunities, some years we have none.
How do I apply for a rider?
Go to https://icanshine.org/alpharetta-ga/
Your application is NOT complete until you have applied by using the above link AND sent payment through Alpharetta's Recreation and Parks payment portal. 

What are my options for payment? 
You can pay by credit card through the City of Alpharetta's registration process by contacting Lindsey Pritchard at 678-297-6115 or by email at lpritchard@alpharetta.ga.us  

You will have to make a profile on the website, then find "iCan Bike Alpharetta" by using the search bar or search for the word "bike". Once you have found it, add it to your cart and check out! You will receive a receipt in your email.  
If you decide to pay by check please note the following:
 Make checks payable to: Alpharetta Parks and Recreation
 Mail them to:
 Alpharetta Community Center
175 Roswell St.
Alpharetta, Ga. 30009
ATTN: iCan Bike Alpharetta 
Write your rider’s name in the memo line or your registration will not be processed. 
When will I know that I have been accepted into camp and get my session assignment?
Please know that session assignments are made based on the height, weight, and inseam size of your rider. This is because we have a limited number of bicycles in our fleet. For instance, we can only have a maximum number of two riders with a 20” inseam in any one session because we only have two bicycles that can support those small riders. These circumstances mean that session assignments can be difficult to arrange,  and is why we ask you to give us three preferences. We understand that session assignment is important to you, please be patient with us as we work to accommodate all campers. We work very hard to only offer you a session that is one of the three you selected on your application, we almost never offer a session time that is not one of the three choices you chose.
What is your refund policy?
You may request a refund up until May 31st 2024 and receive a full refund. After May 31st 2024 there will be no refunds if you cannot attend camp. This is because we will have already made deposits and payments to our vendors.

Must I agree to a photo release for my rider?
Yes. We simply cannot guarantee that your rider will not have their photo taken. If this is not in line with your desires, please do not submit an application. 
If you have a question that needs answering- chances are that someone else does too! Send us an email and maybe your question will appear here. 

Have Questions? Just email us.