Get In The AlphaLoop
  • The AlphaLoop is a dynamic and transformative project for Alpharetta; one that will connect our neighborhoods to activity centers, improve mobility, promote healthier lifestyles, and enhance the quality of life of everyone who lives, works, and spends time in our awesome community.  At its core, the AlphaLoop is a multiuse path looping through Alpharetta and tying to amenities like the Big Creek Greenway, Downtown Alpharetta, Avalon, and the North Point District.


    But, the AlphaLoop is more than simply a path.  It will, itself, be a destination . . . really, a series of destinations that helps to define and convey to visitors the unique characters of the districts and neighborhoods that make up our community.  You can learn more about that by selecting the “The Vision” link below.


    The idea of the AlphaLoop was introduced in 2016, and it is a long-term project that, like the Big Creek Greenway, will probably take a number of years to complete.  Yet, much has already been accomplished.  In 2020 the first full segment of AlphaLoop was completed, connecting Downtown Alpharetta and Avalon, and much more is under construction.  Checkout the “Our Progress” link below to see what has been accomplished and what is happening now.


    Finally, explore the “Documents” and “Get In The Loop” links to learn more about the AlphaLoop and how you can help to bring this awesome community amenity to life!