• Big Creek Greenway

  • Big Creek Greenway

  • Big Creek Greenway

For the latest status of the Big Creek Greenway in Alpharetta please like us on Facebook. We will occasionally post updates on Facebook & Twitter when we have closings due to excessive rain or maintenance activities.   Alpharetta Recreation & Parks on Facebook , Alpharetta Recreation & Parks on Twitter.

Mile zero for the City of Alpharetta's portion of the trail will begin at the City Limits of Alpharetta and Roswell. The mileage ends at the Marconi Trail head. Mile markers only reflect the distance on the main trail. Boardwalks, connectors and spurs are not calculated.

The concrete trail is approximately 9 miles and meanders along Big Creek parallel to North Point Parkway, from Windward Parkway at Marconi Drive on the north end to Mansell Road on the south end. A soft mulch trail encircles a large wetland between Haynes Bridge Road and Mansell Road. Wildlife such as blue heron, deer, ducks and Canada geese can be observed in this preserved water setting.

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A greenway is a linear park. A greenway is about people and the land they love. It is about conservation. It is about recreation and alternative transportation. It is about environmental education. It is about connecting the quality of life Alpharetta now has with the future plan that will help maintain that quality of life. Our greenway is an investment in the future of Alpharetta – an Alpharetta that is green, with open spaces for people as well as natural areas for plants and animals.


The Big Creek Greenway is primarily a 12-foot wide concrete path that meanders through the deciduous woods along Big Creek. The greenway offers an ideal setting for walking, jogging, inline roller blading, and biking. Dirt mountain bike trails are located on the east side of the creek 2/5 mile south of Webb Bridge Road.


Total length of the Big Creek Greenway, from Windward Parkway to Mansell Road, is approximately 8 miles.


Alpharetta YMCA: From Old Milton Parkway, go 1/4 mile north on North Point Parkway to Preston Ridge Road and turn right toward the Ed Isakson/Alpharetta YMCA.

Haynes Bridge Road: From North Point Parkway, go 1/5 mile south on Haynes Bridge Road. A parking lot is on the east/left side of Haynes Bridge Road.

North Point Mall: Driving northbound on North Point Parkway halfway between Mansell and Haynes Bridge Roads, find the greenway sign directly across from Haverty's Furniture. Parking is located in a wooded area. Restrooms are available at that location. 800 feet south of this entrance is the NorthPoint Village retail center. Walk behind the shops to the stairway that leads to the wetlands mulch trail. Note: The stairs are not A.D.A. accessible.

Kimball Bridge Road:  Rock Mill Park, located 1/4 mile southeast of North Point Parkway, has Greenway parking and public restrooms.  This area is prone to flood during heavy rains.

Marconi Drive:  Follow Marconi Drive off of Windward Parkway to reach a small parking area at the northern end of the Greenway.


No. Long range plans include connection to the Forsyth County trail system.


  • Most importantly, "Use but don't abuse". Please stay on the trail and stay off the berm that separates the concrete path from the creek.

  • Keep the greenway litter free. Hold your expendables until the first available litter can.
  • Respect other users and types of uses. Bikers: Please watch for darting children! Speed limit is enforced on the trail!!

  • Be a "steward" of the Big Creek Greenway. Call 678-297-6123 to report any damage such as fallen trees.

  • Financially support greenway maintenance. Maintaining the linear park costs more than its construction. In addition, we would like to add more amenities, such as a formal flower garden and a children's play area. You may send a check (not cash) made payable to City of Alpharetta Recreation and Parks.

Mail to:
Alpharetta Recreation & Parks Department

1825 Old Milton Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30009

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