Wills Park Pool

1815 Old Milton Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Park Rules


Welcome to Wills Park Pool! Amenities include a leisure pool with zero-depth entry, interactive play stations and a water slide, plus a 10-lane competition pool with depths from 4 feet – 12.5 feet, and two diving boards (1-meter, 3-meter). Other features include an aquatics center, locker rooms, deck space, and a lifeguard training room.   


Enjoy a Splashtacular summer season of FUN at the pool!   



May 27-Aug 6   Open Daily 

Aug 7 – Sep 3   Open Sat & Sun Only 



Sat                       10am-8pm                   12-8pm 

Sun                      12-6pm                        12 - 6pm 

Mon                     12 - 8pm                      12 - 8pm 

Tue & Wed          12-8pm                        12-8pm 

Thur & Fri            12-8pm                        12-8pm 



May 29/ July 4 / September 4: 12-7pm 


JUNE – Pool will close at 3:30pm on Thursdays June 1st, June 8th, June 15th, June 22nd and Tuesday June 27th for Sharks Swim Team home meets. Our meets will be on June 1, 8, 15, 22 and 27



GENERAL ADMISSION $8/person daily 

RESIDENT ADMISSION $5/person daily* 

CHILD AGE 3 & UNDER FREE (Children 3 and under must wear a swim diaper at all times.) 

GENERAL ADMISSION ADULT AGE 55+ $2/person daily 

RESIDENT DISCOUNT ADULT AGE 55+ $1/person daily* 


*Alpharetta resident only; proof of residency required (driver’s license, state issued ID, utility bill) to receive the Resident Discount. To check your residency prior to arrival, go to https://alphagis.alpharetta.ga.us/AlphaGIS/ 



FAMILY: $200 Resident; $300 Non-Resident 

Pass good for 4 family members. Additional family members $35 each. 

INDIVIDUAL: $90 Resident; $135 Non-Resident 



Jun 11 /Jul 9/ Aug 13 – Adaptive Swim Nights, 6-8pm FREE 

Jun 17 – HERO Day, 2-5pm Pool admission fee; pass-holders free 

Jun 25/Jul 23/ Aug 27- Run-Sup-Yoga, 8:30-11:30am Ages 16+ $30 Resident; $45 Non-Resident

June 10/ July 8 – Teen Only FUN Night, 8-10:30pm Ages 13-19 Pool admission fee; pass-holders free 

June 11/ July 16/ Aug 13 - Water Therapy, 9:30-10:15am Ages 16+ Pool admission fee; pass-holders free

June 11/ July 16/ Aug 13 - Deep water Exercise, 10:30-11:30am Ages 16+ Pool admission fee; pass-holders free



Competition pool; two lanes for lap swim  

No lap swim on Memorial Day (May 29), Jul 4, and Labor day


May 15-Jul 24 Mon, Sat 8:30-11:30am  

Jul 26- Sep 30 Mon, Wed, Sat 8:30-11:30am   



Water aerobics held in competition pool shared with lap swim  

No class on Memorial Day (May 29), Jul 4, and Labor day (Sept 4)


May 15-Jul 24 Mon, Sat 9-10am  

Jul 26- Sep 30 Mon, Wed, Sat 9-10am   



This is a deep water, high intensity aqua aerobics class.  

No class on Memorial Day (May 29), Jul 4, and Labor day  

AGES 12+  


May 15-Jul 24 Mon, Sat 10:15-11:15am  

Jul 26- Sep 30 Mon, Wed, Sat 10:15am-11:15am   

COST: Daily Admission Rates apply for all programs 


1. Participants must purchase a daily pass or have permission to enter the pool area from management.  Families and individuals must show summer pool pass card to enter without paying.
2. Participants aged fourteen (14) and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult sitter (age 18 and older).  NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. No boats, canoes, floats, or crafts of any kind will be allowed in the pool during normal operation.  Personal flotation devices must be Coast Guard approved. Lifejackets are available for use.
4. A swim test administered by supervising lifeguard may be required before entering deep water.
5. If you cannot swim or are not a strong swimmer, DO NOT go into the deep end of the competition pool or off the diving boards, and be aware that the shallow end slopes to the deep; do not go past the safety line. Personal responsibility is the key to safety at the pool.
6. Non-swimmers are always allowed in the leisure pool with parent supervision.
7. Children 3 and under must always wear a water diaper.
8. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times. Lifeguards are a layer of service, but YOU are their best line of safety.  Keep your eyes on your children;  only takes a second….watch your children!
9. Persons showing the slightest evidence of being under the influence of drugs or intoxicants will NOT be permitted in the pool area.
10. Profane or abusive language will not be permitted.
11. Glass containers and food are prohibited in the pool area.  Coolers may be brought in, but food and candy must be eaten at the tables in the concession area. Absolutely NO balloons on the pool deck or in the pool building.
12. No sitting or standing on pool ladders, lifelines, or steps.
13. Diving from the diving boards in the deep end is permitted with entries and swimmers going one way only.
3-meter dive – swim to far ladder; 1-meter dive – swim to ladder closest to board
Diving is prohibited unless there is a guard in the stand closest to the diving boards.  For the safety of all, the diver must be touching a ladder before the next person is allowed to dive.
14. Emergency equipment is to be used by the pool staff only.
15. No back flips or dives are permitted off the side of the pool.
16. Children are not permitted to jump into pool with arm floats or life vests.
17. Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited in all parks and on all city property.
18. Swimming is prohibited when a lifeguard is not on duty.
19. All patrons are subject to search.  All weapons (guns, knives, etc.) are prohibited.
20. Proper swimwear is required.  No “thong” or “Brazilian” swimsuits are allowed.  The Pool Manager will determine the appropriateness of any questionable swimwear.

Cash is not accepted at Wills Park Pool. Please have your credit card with you.



The pool is a fun place for everyone, but safety is the top priority. 


-WATCH YOUR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES…Put your phone, book, magazine away and watch. If they can’t see you, you can’t see them. 

-If you cannot swim or aren’t a strong swimmer do not go in the deep end of the competition pool or off the diving boards.