Stormwater Studies & Resources

In an effort to be proactive with our infrastructure maintenance and natural resource protection, the City has completed a number of studies to determine overall watershed health and identify potential improvement projects.  These studies help identify future large capital projects and outreach programs. 

Stormwater Study Resources

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
2019 Pedestrian Safety And Walkability StudyPDF18.71 MB09 May, 2019 Download
Long Indian Creek Watershed Improvement PlanPDF35.91 MB17 Jul, 2017 Download
Foe Killer Creek Watershed Improvement PlanPDF63.54 MB17 Sep, 2015 Download
Culvert CIP ReportPDF17.74 MB03 May, 2015 Download
Webb Bridge Park Drainage StudyPDF87.45 MB03 May, 2015 Download
Big Creek Watershed StudyPDF8.19 MB02 Apr, 2015 Download
Hazard Mitigation PlanPDF102.68 MB03 May, 2015 Download
Big Creek Watershed Study UpdatePDF12.73 MB02 Apr, 2015 Download
Solid Waste Management PlanPDF16.52 MB03 May, 2015 Download
Upper Foe Killer Creek Watershed StudyPDF5.40 MB02 Apr, 2015 Download

Additionally, the City requires development (both public and private) to follow a minimum set of standards and design guidelines set forth in the latest editions of the Alpharetta Unified Development Code, the Alpharetta Stormwater Management Manual, the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual, and the Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control in Georgia.

Unified Development Code

Alpharetta Stormwater Management Manual

Georgia Stormwater Management Manual

Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control in Georgia